Saturday, November 14, 2009

I Love 3 Ping

hey guyz!!
Dun forget 3 ping!
Dun forget Mrs Loo!
Duh....i got to say i love 3 ping!!!
I love you all guys!


  1. hehe..
    i love u 2 =D
    i love 3ping 3=)
    i love all of u 4 :)
    ~SUMYEE word~

  2. I love u too..
    u monday dun hav come..
    cant see u..
    next year we not same class edi..=(
    I love u oso..
    hope we hav more time together..
    I dun wan holiday edi..=(
    i wan u guys..


  3. haiz..
    time is going too fast
    hope every one can remember every1
    we go through sadness& happiness this year
    so good bye my friend

  4. zing chun...end of the year still wan lan yeng?
    but i u ^^
    hope every1 do their best in form 4